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Widnes Coaches Ltd

365 Hale Road, Widnes, Cheshire, WA8 7XA


A.      Widnes Coaches Ltd provides coaches for students in certain areas who wish to travel to and from the Sandymoor Ormiston Academy every day.  There are no facilities for one way transport at the moment.


B.      The coach will only be available to fully paid customers.  No other people may travel on the coach without the special permission of the organisers.


C.      Students will be required to present their ticket to the scanner upon entering the vehicle. Should the system decline the pass the driver will contact the main office to report the incident and get clarification.


D.      Charges are calculated on a yearly basis from September at the start of each academic year.   All persons wishing to use the service will register with our service via the shuttleID link.  


E. Payment instructions will be issued in respect of each academic year on a yearly basis.  On receipt of this, parents must check the details, follow the remittance instructions and return by the date indicated.  Any payment received after the date stipulated could result in there being no place available on the coach.  Upon receipt of payment a coach pass will be issued electronically. 


F. Students should be at their allocated pick-up points 5 minutes before the scheduled time.   In the event of the coach running late for whatever reasons, it is up to the student to decide how long they wait before making their own way to school or returning home.  There are no rebates for journeys not made by the students. Any delays on the journey will be communicated via our online platforms



G.      If the Company decides to cancel any journey, due to adverse weather conditions, these journeys would be reimbursed.  However, if the school cancels and the Company feels able to carry out the journey then these will not be reimbursed.




H.      Parents are responsible for ensuring that the students are at the relevant pick-up points on time, and are collected in the evening on their return.  The Company accepts no responsibility for the safety of the students, either before boarding the coach or leaving it.  The coach will leave the school at 3.20pm each day.


I.         Whilst travelling, students should remain seated, facing forwards and should be respectful towards the driver and fellow passengers.  Under no circumstances should the driver be distracted.  All students must use the lap belts fitted to our vehicles.


J.        Students are asked to keep the coach clean.  Any rubbish should be placed in the bin at the front of the coach.  Smoking is prohibited on all coaches.


K. It is up to the students to ensure that all belongings are taken with them at the end of each journey.  The Company accepts no responsibility for any items left on the coach.


L. The Company reserves the right to substitute other operators’ vehicles in lieu of its own on any journey.


M.    Any complaints should be made directly to the organizers and not to the drivers.


N.      Bad behavior on the coach will not be tolerated.  The company reserves the right to expel any student from the coach for gross misconduct. Students will be given 2 verbal warnings and the parents will be informed.  A third incident will result in a one week suspension. Any incidents after this and the pupil will be asked to leave the service and any monies already paid will be forfeited.  


O.      It is not permitted to consume food or drink on the coaches.

Widnes Coaches Ltd

365 Hale Road





Tel: 0151 347 7630
Company No: 11689132